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Use Magic Stickers


In this video, I had an interesting conversation with a guest about the importance of mental health and self-care. We discussed the stigma surrounding mental health issues, and how seeking help should be normalized. We also talked about different self-care practices that can improve mental health, such as exercise, meditation, and therapy. We also touched on the importance of setting boundaries and the benefits of taking breaks from social media. If you're looking to prioritize your mental health, this video is a must-watch!

Use Visuals

Use stickers, show pictures, invite visitors, draw pictures, etc…

I like the dynamic speed of using transparent stickers in webinars, presentations and meetings.

  • People love to see things developing on a screen. It has a certain fascination.
  • Kids are mesmerized as they sit in front of the TV and watch their favourite show.
  • My niece, Pippa, was fascinated by the beautiful film, “The Snowman”. She was so emotionally touched that she cried when the snowman melted.

Our goal in presenting is normally not to get people to cry. But we do want to get them involved (emotionally if possible). But how can we do this?

Magic stickers?

Magic Stickers are thin pieces of transparent paper which you can write things on before you give your talk and then you can place them on a surface. e.g a flip chart or a wall or even a window.

The advantage of these stickers?

They are very quick to use in the meeting and they keep the dynamic of the meeting high. They are also easy and quick to prepare. You can prepare beforehand. This is great for me because, as a quiet person (an introvert), I love to have at least some “activation material” prepared which I can use to initiate an open atmosphere and discussion when I present or run a meeting or conference.

Another idea – a creative way of using drawings

I have been learning how to integrate drawing into videos and live meetings from Dan Roam. He has a very creative way of doing this that is worth reading about.

The Pop-up Pitch is a great book about making very persuasive presentations.

I like to use many of Dan Roam’s methods in my training when I teach people to Present with Quiet Confidence. These methods will help to make your presenting very memorable and enjoyable to deliver. And they will get people to take action.



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