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“Welcome. I am delighted that you are interested in joining me on my programmes about ethical influence.”

John Doorbar

MA University of Oxford, UK


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Courageous presenting skills for my new international position. I now feel confident to be able to give clear, interesting messages to my team.

Customer Service Manager

I am gaining more and more acceptance with my team – This is good for me personally and for my reputation in the firm. I feel confident to be able to do my work well.

Sales Manager

We have been working with John now for 7 years. I can really recommend him if you want to improve your presentation skills. We've learned a lot. Great presenting is very important to us to train our clients and to pitch for new business. John's training gives us the key skills to do both.

Entrepreneur and Managing Director

Presenting Tips Mini-Course

Below you can watch 6 short videos on “Speaking with Quiet Confidence”.
In each video I explain one key aspect of presenting.

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Are you a nervous wreck when you give a talk?

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I know I can help you because I know just how you feel! 

Hi. I’m John Doorbar, a presenting specialist who helps people turn nervous, fearful talks into entertaining, memorable masterpieces. But I was definitely not always a confident speaker…

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