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Vision: WHY?


In this video, I discuss the idea of creating a big goal or vision for your presentation. I draw inspiration from the book Steal Like an Artist and Simon Sinek’s TED Talk on the power of “Why”. Successful companies and purposes have a deeper meaning behind them that goes beyond the surface level. For example, my big “why” is to support inspired and introverted business professionals to Speak with Quiet Confidence. When you think about your presentation, consider what's below the surface level and find your own why. This is a significant aspect of presenting that everyone should consider.

Why are you doing this?

Decide why you are doing what you are doing.

This might sound crazy. You might be saying to yourself as you read this.

“Of course we always know why you are doing what you are doing.”

Not the case.

A lot of people just get up in the morning. They do their job as if they are in a dream. Then they go home and only then does their life begin.

An example…

Let me add up the number of hours we might work in our lifetimes:

35 hours - 7 x 5 (weekly).
35 x 4 - 140 hours (monthly); 140
140 x 10 months (yearly - includes 2 months holiday) 1,400
1,400 x 40 years - 56,000 hours
This is just an example, of course… some work more, some less. But you get the idea.

“56,000 hours is a looooong time.”

Start with Why

Simon Sinek wrote a great book called Start with Why.

I recommend that you buy it and read it carefully.

We all know what we do, and how we do it, but very few of us actually know WHY we do it.

Think of the WHY as a compass. We all need a direction to move towards.

I personally worked on my WHY for 30 years.

Offer: Find your “Why” with me, John Doorbar

If why is important enough to you, I can help you to find out what your “Why” is too.

It provides us with direction and focus so that we can live our lives with purpose, on purpose.

Simon Sinek wrote the book on it, and worked with his team to develop the process to help you find your WHY.

While you can read the book and do it yourself the one thing you do need in order to find your WHY is an objective partner. 


1.Think about why you do what you do

Write it down.



I found that, for 30 years, I didn't really have one.

Now I have one. I still modify it a bit, though not very much.

I can speak about this in one of my future newsletters. But not now.

The benefit to me and my clients is that I am much clearer on what I want.

This means that I can help my clients get what they want.

2. Contact me and we can chat about your “Why”

3. You will be a great presenter

  • When you know your WHY you will be a great presenter.
  • Knowing your WHY blows your introversion to smithereens.

Send me a message to see whether and how I can help you.

Best wishes,


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