John Doorbar

“Why I Do
  What I Do…”


Are you a nervous wreck when you give a talk?

Yes? Then let me help.
I know I can help you because I know just how you feel! 
Hi. I’m John Doorbar, a presenting specialist who helps people turn nervous, fearful talks into entertaining, memorable masterpieces. But I was definitely not always a confident speaker.

From terrified presenter to international presentation coach

I was so afraid to speak that I spent 8 hours from 7.00 pm to 3.00 am in a hotel in Munich, Germany, preparing a half-day talk to just 8 business people. The results was great. For the listeners.
But for me it was absolutely terrible.
I repeated this crazy game for 15 years traveling to high-end clients in 13 countries round the world. I did this in Brussels, Durham N. Carolina (USA), Dordrecht (The Netherlands), Copenhagen, Zurich, Manchester, Riga, Rostock, and so on... always the same procedure.
I got up at 5.00 am to prepare for a seminar that began at 9.00 am. And I worked 'til the middle of the night to be ready for day two. It was a 2-day meeting.

Just imagine the stress!

Maybe you've been stressed out just like this yourself. Or maybe you're feeling that way now and that's why you're here on my website.
If so, I can help you to overcome this stress. Just get in touch with me to learn how I can help you be prepared to be a Quietly Confident Speaker. Learning this is not rocket-science but it is helpful to have a great guide. I feel I know just what you are going through and can support you when you meet obstacles on your journey. My goal is to help you to become a confident, elegant and delightfully impactful speaker.