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Why Draw?


In this video, I share tips on how to “draw people in” during a presentation. I explain how connecting with people's stories and using pictures can engage them and physically and emotionally involve them in the presentation. Drawing is a great way to keep the audience involved and I demonstrate this by presenting a drawing of Albert Einstein as an example.


Do something! Generate energy! Move!

I like drawing, so I draw when I speak. But I only do this when I feel it adds to the key message or supports the flow of the talk I am giving.

Some presenters, like a good friend of mine Kevin, creates fascination in his audience by using technology creatively and professionally.

Two other friends, Robin and Ken, tell great stories to beautifully illustrate their points.

Another friend from Berlin, Ulrike, uses her brilliant acting skills to show how various people react differently in different situations.

These people do the opposite of what many presenters do.


Here is a NOT to do list. I call them presentation killers:

  • A deadly start
  • You have boring content
  • You have no enthusiasm and energy
  • You have no variation in the style of your presenting
  • You just talk endlessly
  • Your audience just sits and tries not to let you see that they are looking at their phone 85% of the time
  • The other 15% of your talk, they are praying for a break or the end of your talk



Your homework is to think carefully and write down three ways in which people have held your attention in a social setting or in a professional one.

For example, Howard, who is my awesome coach, when he is teaching or coaching has the wonderful ability of generating a light humorous atmosphere so that his audience (including me) will have a great learning experience.

WHO of your friends, associates or colleagues inspire you when they speak to you. Think of three of them.

And then – specifically – HOW do they inspire you?


Takeaways and Tips

1. Drawing is just one way of activating your audience. 

2. I will be showing you some ways to draw for presenting. 

3.Check out Dan Roam’s visual storytelling


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