Present with Influence (vol.1):

Your Ethical Guide to Authority, Liking, and Reciprocity

by Cialdini Certified Professional Coach
John Doorbar, MA


Book Resources

In the short videos below, I take a deeper dive into some of the examples shared in this book. Enjoy!

The Forbes Survey

A Forbes report from 2024 showed the key management skills needed for effectiveness at work.

Two areas which were always in the top 4 as being the most important for managers are:

• Great persuasion skills
• Excellent presentation skills

Watch my short video on this research to learn more!Wa

Does clothing boost authority?

In a nutshell, research has shown that people are more willing to follow people who are well dressed than those who are not.

If you’re interested in this research, please watch this short video where I explain the research to back up this claim.

What vocal changes did Mrs Thatcher make?

Margaret Thatcher, former prime minister of the UK, was unable to express herself with confidence. She had an extremely high-pitched voice and this had a huge negative effect on her authority. So, she got a coach to train her to develop a deeper tone of voice.

To learn more about how she did that, please watch this video where I explain what she did and how she did it — with demonstrations of her tonal changes.

Why is Brené Brown’s talk so good?

We all make mistakes. You will make mistakes in your talks too. But do not try to sweep them under the carpet. Just accept them and people will warm to you even more. It is a paradox but it is true.

Watch “The Power of Vulnerability” by Brené Brown — it is brilliant. And then watch this video where I analyse her talk.