The Unity Factor

with Cialdini Certified Professional Coach
John Doorbar, MA

Tuesday, 5 March 2024

10am US Pacific • 1pm US Eastern • 7pm CET

What You Want

Just imagine your ideal scenario.

You wake up and you are living a life which you previously felt impossible. You are actually looking forward to speaking in front of people. You dreamed of this and thought it was beyond you.

In your ideal world, you have a persuasive, simple and very practical way to present that is fast. It gives razor-sharp clarity when you speak. You can inspire groups both online and face to face with your vital message.

It does not matter to you whether your audience is more extrovert or introvert as you can identify with both sorts of people.

This workshop is for

  • Inspired, introverted business people who want to get over their nerves when they give their talks.

  • Managers who need to be confident when speaking to colleagues, friends and family.

  • People who have something important to bring to the world.

Who are you?

You are a highly-qualified professional.

Your biggest wish is to speak and inspire groups to change their behaviour.

You have a really important message you want to bring to the world.

But because you are so nervous you feel unable to speak convincingly.

How can the Unity Factor help you?

Being nervous creates a feeling of “us” versus “them,” between you and your audience. The Unity factor is an antidote to this horrible feeling.

You can learn practical ways to feel at one with your group. You will no longer see your audience as a gigantic threat.

You need a guide on your side…

But you need a person who knows what you are experiencing. I can be your guide and mentor.

Maybe you feel like I did. I did not know what to do next! I have been through that too. When you wake up before a big important talk and you think, “How the hell am I going to get through the day?”

Just imagine my career as a trainer and speaker. I used to hide under the bed when we had visitors at home because I was so afraid of them talking to me.

Just 12 years ago when I was actually teaching presenting trainers to be more confident. They worked for a large fortune 500 international company in the exclusive city of Munich.

The night before all these 3 day programmes I woke at 4.00 am. I could not get back to sleep so I prepared the day ahead.

I repeated this process week in and week out at large multinationals in 13 different countries. For 7 years. Honestly! It was awful.

Just to survive I put on a great act and pretended I was calm and composed. In reality my stomach was churning with fear of failing. I put on my mask of authority and composure.


Maybe your talks do not get the reaction you expect!


Meet John Doorbar

Now I teach experienced high ranking professionals how to speak with calm power and enjoy the process. How amazing is that! I love what I do.

You can learn to be confident by changing your perspective. You can deliver presentations which get results while remaining balanced and centered. The research has helped me to crack the code of introversion.

After the workshop you will understand what introversion is and what it is not. This insight alone opens peoples’ eyes.

I know how you feel because I have gone through the frustration of preparing and giving unfruitful presentations. Maybe you have struggled to get results like me, when nothing ever changed.

You can now get the benefits of my determination to learn how people make their decisions and change their behaviour. I studied these principles personally with the “Godfather of Influence,” Dr Robert Cialdini.

Now you can have the advantage of a guide who can help you to integrate these principles into your habitual way of making your new, unforgettable presentations.

I can be your personal guide and can support you on your journey to influencing excellence.

7 Powerful Factors of Influence

Then there are the 7 most powerful influence principles on the planet. They are the amazing insights from psychology discovered by Dr Robert Cialdini.

You will learn one of these principles there, too.

When you come to our workshop on 5th March, we will do an exciting tour of the 7 principles, and we will focus on “The Unity Factor”.

So, if you are a shy introvert, like me, then you can learn to embrace your introversion and make it your most useful asset.


Insider Secrets Based on
40 Years of Scientific Research

The research proves that “Unity” works to get better results both at work and at home.

The workshop has John’s personal touch combined with tried-and-tested scientific methods.

John is endorsed by Dr Robert Cialdini, “the Godfather of Ethical Influence”

How “The Liking Factor” plays a big part in presentations

Every professional presenter wants better results when they speak, don’t they?

“The Liking Factor” plays a key role in the success of any presentation.

  • Do you struggle to build a bridge with your audience?

  • Would you like easy ways to strengthen the bridge fast?

  • Do you know how and why “Liking” improves results in presenting?

  • If not, would you like to know why?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then this FREE “Liking Factor” workshop is for you. You will learn special Insider Secrets that very few people know.


Don’t miss your chance and regret it later

Workshop Agenda

We will cover these topics to boost your confidence

  • Connectedness – How to achieve it fast at the start of your talk

  • Deep Listening – How to really “be there” with your audience

  • Vulnerability – Weakness is strength (what it is and why it generates unity)

  • Language – The type of language which, during your presentation, creates these unity feelings of “we are one” and “we are in this together”

Just imagine the big changes at home and at work

When you use the “Liking Factor” your audience will take new actions.

They will buy your products more often.

They will agree with your ideas more.

Hear From Our Participants

Transformative Insights from John Doorbar’s Sessions


“If only I had gone to The Unity Factor workshop…”

Join Us!

Don’t miss this big chance to see how unity works and how it could help you.

Just imagine if you do not attend this special “Unity Factor” workshop. You might feel like this guy. He did not attend… and five years later, he wished he had!

You will have insights into your next steps — Guaranteed!

I am sure you will learn how to transform your presenting performance so that it becomes a real masterpiece.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Seize your opportunity and book your place now.

Have a great year by learning the key “Unity Factors” in 2024.

Don’t let another year slip away. If you feel anything like me, then you know that years flash by so fast! And opportunities come and go just as quickly.


What’s included…

  • A 75-minute professional workshop

  • Complimentary British humor  :-)

Tuesday, 5 March 2024

10am US Pacific • 1pm US Eastern • 7pm CET

Cialdini Institute Certified Professional

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