Simple Insights with Big Impacts (SIBIs) Workshop

with Cialdini Certified Professional Coach
John Doorbar, MA

Tuesday, 30 April 2024

10am US Pacific • 1pm US Eastern • 7pm CET

(the workshop lasts for 130 minutes)

Five Simple Insights with Big Impact – Based on Scientific Research

You want to learn 5 powerful insights to change the impact of your talks, presentations and team meetings.

Be much more confident. Create an unforgettable structure. Have peace of mind.

This workshop is exclusively for inspired, introverted business presenters who want to:

  • encourage their audience to act and behave differently

  • get over their nerves when they give their talks

  • learn tried-and-tested ways to structure their talks so people remember them

Your Challenges...

You are an Introverted business person who has something important to say, but you find it very difficult for one or more of these 5 reasons:

  • Your hands shake and you are totally stressed

  • You cannot sell yourself and your services/products effectively

  • You forget what you want to say

  • You cannot influence your audience to change

  • You get lost – and lose your audience – because your structure is very unclear

Why not get a great guide to help you?

You need an experienced and qualified guide to show you exactly how to get the fastest results from the least investment of your time.

You need someone who has had the same challenges as you and knows your challenge.

I’m John Doorbar, and I’m an introvert who has learned to enjoy my quiet calmness. I discovered that trying to change my introversion only made me feel worse. I’ve moved from being terrified of presenting to actually loving it.

Get where you want to go, fast and painlessly

I don’t believe in the old saying, “No pain, no gain!”

It is better to have a great plan and mini-steps to take so that you see your progress.

I can show you which steps to take, which direction to move, and which tools to use for your fastest possible result.

You will learn all the gems which I have acquired over a long and very rocky journey.

What are these gems?

Knowing what real confidence is and where it comes from.

5 SIBIs – Simple Insights
Learning how we influence people. In this programme you will learn 5 Simple Insights with Big Impacts based on many years of scientific research. You will learn how to use them when you speak to influence your audience ethically.

Learn how introversion is a wonderful advantage in business and in life.


When you speak, putting on an act is very stressful!


Meet John Doorbar

Now I teach experienced, high ranking professionals how to speak with calm power and enjoy the process.

How amazing is that! I also love what I do.

You can learn to be confident by changing your perspective. You can deliver presentations which get results while remaining balanced and centred. The intensive research which I have been doing has helped me to crack the code of introversion and how we influence each other.

After the workshop you will understand what introversion is and what it is not. You will also be able to get more YESes from your audience.

Now you can have the advantage of a guide who can help you to integrate these principles into your habitual way of making your newly-energised outstanding presentations.

John is endorsed by Dr Robert Cialdini, “the Godfather of Ethical Influence”

How “The Liking Factor” plays a big part in presentations

Every professional presenter wants better results when they speak, don’t they?

“The Liking Factor” plays a key role in the success of any presentation.

  • Do you struggle to build a bridge with your audience?

  • Would you like easy ways to strengthen the bridge fast?

  • Do you know how and why “Liking” improves results in presenting?

  • If not, would you like to know why?

If you answered “yes” to these questions, then this FREE “Liking Factor” workshop is for you. You will learn special Insider Secrets that very few people know.

Workshop Agenda

You will learn these 6 topics:

  • Sell Yourself – How to achieve it fast at the start of your talk

  • 5 SIBIs (Simple Insights with Big Impacts)

  • 7 Influencing Principles review

  • The language of influence

  • 3 tips to boost your confidence

  • A simple structure used by the crème de la crème in business

Boost your confidence, enjoyment and profits.

What are SIBIs?

  1. Liking – Boost your online talks

  2. Consistency – Get 100% more YESes

  3. Reciprocity – Best way to say thank you

  4. Scarcity – How to avoid loss

  5. Social Proof – By projecting a trend

Don’t miss your chance and regret it later

Just imagine the big changes at home and at work

When you use the “Liking Factor” your audience will take new actions.

They will buy your products more often.

They will agree with your ideas more.

Hear From Our Participants

Transformative Insights from John Doorbar’s Sessions


“If only I had gone to the SIBIs Workshop…”

Join Us!

Don’t miss this big chance to see how Simple Insights with Big Impacts (SIBIs) work and how they will help you.

Just imagine if you do not attend this special “SIBIs” Workshop. You might feel like this guy on the left. He did not attend… and five years later. He wished he had!

You will have insights into your next steps — Guaranteed!

You will learn how to redesign your presenting performance so that it becomes a really confident and persuasive masterpiece.

Don’t Wait Too Long

Take your opportunity and book your place now.

Have a great year by learning Simple Insights with Big Impacts

Years flash by so fast, don't they?  Take your opportunity this year, in 2024, to join us on this fascinating journey into speaking with influence.


What’s included…

  • A 130-minute professional workshop

  • A recording of the workshop

  • A cheat sheet, including a checklist of what we cover

  • Complimentary British humor  :-)


Your Investment

147 EUR (plus VAT)

Tuesday, 30 April 2024

10am US Pacific • 1pm US Eastern • 7pm CET

Cialdini Institute Certified Professional

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